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Homepage of Stefan Salewski

Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Stefan Salewski, I am a Physicist (PhD) and currently living in my native city Stade in Germany near the big river Elbe.

On these pages I present some of my projects and activities of the last years. Most of them are related to Physics, Electronics and Software Development -- a few are very special, but some may be interesting or even useful to others. I try to support the idea of FREE and OPEN SOURCE Software and Handware, so for most projects source code, schematic drawing and PCB layout data (gEDA/PCB file format) is available -- generally with GPL or similar free/open licenses.

I tried to provide an English and German description for most projects, but my Diploma- and PhD-Thesis are only available in German language. The most recent projects are often only available with an English description -- I will try to translate it to German when the project is more stable, so that there are not too frequently changes in the documentation.