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Fiber Laser

Subject of my Dissertation is the development and characterization of multi-color fiber lasers based on Praseodymium,Ytterbium-doped fluoride glass fibers. Inversion is achieved via a multistage pump process using ordinary laser diodes emitting in the near infrared spectral range. Laser emission of more than 10 mW output power at 635, 521 and 492 nm (RGB) and continuous switching between blue and red laser emission is demonstrated.

The original print of the thesis is available as a PDF-Document or in form of a ZIP- respectively gzip-compressed PostScript file. Additional you can download my Disputation-talk. The PDF-Version of the Dissertation is also available from the Server of the Staats- und Universit├Ątsbibliothek Hamburg. (These files are only available in German language.)